Access the voluntary carbon market. Guided by data.

Ambitious organizations use CEEZER to screen, purchase, and manage their net-zero credit portfolios. Sourced directly from the primary market, based on verified data.
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Drive climate impact.
Without doubts.

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    Global supply.
    Harmonised and verified.

    Access the global voluntary credit supply, with harmonized data across standards and technologies.
  • 02

    Impact & risk optimised.
    With 1M data points in mind.

    Build impact optimised portfolios by comparing credit quality, availability and prices.
  • 03

    Direct interactions.
    Without friction.

    Buy credits directly from project developers, without negotiation or OTC contracting.
  • 04

    Seamless retirement.
    To your needs.

    One-click retirement of credits from all major registries, centrally managed on CEEZER.
  • 05

    End-to-end visibility.
    With a link to the ground.

    Monitor credit portfolios for quality, and generate audit-ready reports for net-zero certification.
  • 06

    Inspire stakeholders.
    Through facts.

    Share portfolio impact metrics with key stakeholders, standalone or within your own products.

Build and manage a portfolio.
Made for impact.

Compare projects objectively

Throughout the platform we offer objective data points that support buyers in exploring, comparing and selecting the right projects for their compensation strategy.

  • Compare scientific project quality metrics
  • Monitor supply and issuance patterns over time
  • Explore global supply across registries
Compare projects objectivelyCompare projects objectively

Build a credit portfolio

Our marketplace enables buyers to explore the global supply of voluntary carbon credits to assemble their impact portfolio. The portfolio builder takes it one step further, automatically creating price-for-impact optimized credit selections.

  • Access the global verified carbon supply
  • Trade available spot credits and secure future supply
  • Optimize portfolios for impact - with over 1M data points in the equation
Build a credit portfolioBuild a credit portfolio

Monitor credits

Establishing a centralized view on credit portfolios is key to managing compensation strategies, and monitoring portfolio success & risk over time. We offer continuous insights into quality metrics and project changes, as well as insights into regional distribution, project types, and vintages.

  • Manage credits & retirement certificates across registries
  • Establish single source of truth on existing and future credit portfolio based on verified data
  • Monitor composition and credit quality within portfolio continuously
Monitor creditsMonitor credits

Report on progress

Telling the story of a carbon credit portfolio with data is one of the best ways to keep stakeholders informed throughout a net-zero journey. We also provide access to all required credit documents for net-zero certifications.

  • Share portfolio story with unique data insights
  • Export credit documents and metrics
  • Prepare net-zero audits and documentation
Report on progressReport on progress

Unfold credit quality.
Through the strength of data.

We are building the infrastructure to navigate through the carbon credit jungle with actionable data.

Read the CEEZER manifest
CEEZER credit quality mapping

Driving progress through insights. For a new carbon market.

Let's talk about your way to unlock climate action.

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