Bring your company
beyond net zero

Seamlessly build a balanced portfolio of cost-for-impact optimized carbon removal and compensation – leveraging the full global supply.

climate impact

Cut through the carbon credit jungle

Leverage a vast amount of proprietary data to help you navigate the offset jungle based on actionable insights.

Find the right projects for you

Select projects based on your criteria and preferences under real supply constraints.

Optimize your portfolio impact

Build a scientifically vetted and optimized portfolio to ensure highest impact for every dollar spent.


Secure and buy your current and future negative emissions supply with one click – across standards, methods and technologies and without hidden arbitrage.

Communicate with trust

Communicate your impact giving full traceability towards all stakeholders – automatically staying up to date with all portfolio projects.

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Deliver on
your ambition


Share your climate impact ambition

Share the amount of one-time or recurring carbon credit volume or directly connect your carbon accounting tools to automate your offset regularly.


Define individual focus areas & criteria

Set a geographic or technology focus for your portfolio and define further individual criteria for project selection and portfolio composition.


Build an optimized portfolio - or let CEEZER do it for you

Buy your preferred credits or let CEEZER create a price-for-impact optimized portfolio – you can review and adapt your selection before purchase.


Purchase and monitor your portfolio

Purchase the final selection with one click and your account will show the original certificates – monitor your portfolio projects continuously with up-to-date documentation after the purchase.

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