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Fight for a net-zero economy—together.

The fight for a net-zero economy requires a united effort. At the CEEZER Carbon Coalition, we help you make sense of the Voluntary Carbon Market and support your commercialization journey.

This program bridges the gap between proof of concept and large-scale implementation. Start listing your projects as "coming soon” on the marketplace.

Collaborate to scale impact—starting now.

Who should apply
If you are an early-stage company developing innovative and scalable solutions to fuel a net-zero economy, we want to hear from you.
  • Innovators in both carbon removal and avoidance
  • Early-stage project developers pursuing unique approaches or venturing into new project types
  • Proven proof of concept with operational pilot projects
  • Projects not yet issuing carbon credits but keen on contributing to the carbon market ecosystem
  • A clear pathway to certification

Your first credit sale—coming soon.

Project assistance so you can take the right steps toward your first carbon credit sale on the marketplace.
  • Insights into buyer preferences
    Understand what buyers are seeking in carbon projects so you can more  tailor your offerings.
  • Expert support from carbon market specialists
    Access our network of carbon market experts to gain personalized guidance and support throughout your commercialization process.
  • Registration, standards & methodology assistance
    Navigate the registration process to meet industry standards and buyer requirements.
  • Crafting your unique story
    Effectively position your project and develop compelling narratives to foster its growth.
  • Buyer exposure
    Showcase your project as "coming soon" on the marketplace to reach global buyers.
  • Pricing
    Get benchmark prices according to your project type and using methodology that reflects the global market.

Take action—
apply now.

Join our growing community of innovative and forward-thinking organizations eager to make a real impact in the journey for our net-zero economy.

Next round starting early 2024—stay updated.

Join our growing community of innovative and forward-thinking organizations eager to make a real impact in the journey for our net-zero economy

Meet the Carbon Coalition.
Contributing to net-zero portfolios soon.


Ucaneo develops a pioneering direct air capture technology that mimics the human lung to remove CO2 from the air.

Green Sequest

Green Sequest develops enhanced rock weathering from serpentinite, a rock characterized by a great ability to capture and permanently store CO2.


Carbonsate captures CO2 through photosynthesis and biomass storage, turning waste wood into carbon removal credits.


InPlanet develops enhanced rock weathering projects in the tropics directed to farmers from aggregate industries’ residuals.


Blusink is a novel marine carbon removal and seafloor restoration method relying on biomaterial to harness the power of coralline algal growth.

Terra Preta

Terra Preta pushes the frontier of decentralized biochar production, focusing on small coffee and cacao farmers in South America.

Reverse Carbon

Reverse Carbon develops biochar carbon removal projects. The biochar is sequestered in deep repositories to enable fast scaling and maximize storage durability.

Got questions?
We have answers.

Who qualifies for the CEEZER Carbon Coalition program?
Any early-stage project developer with unique and scalable carbon removal or avoidance solutions.
What kind of carbon credits is the CEEZER Carbon Coalition program looking for?
We welcome carbon credits from projects showcasing innovative and scalable approaches and a clear pathway to certification.
I am working on an emission avoidance solution, am I eligible?
Absolutely! We encourage projects involved in both carbon removal and avoidance to apply.
Is it possible to purchase credits from CEEZER Carbon Coalition projects?
Projects listed as Coming Soon are focused on project visibility and creating early interest rather than credit sales. When your project is ready for a full listing on CEEZER, you can do your first sale.
What does the application process look like?
Our application process is straightforward and designed to identify projects with the greatest potential. Get in touch, and we'll guide you through the steps.