Engage with global demand seamlessly. As a partner, not a supplier.

CEEZER partners with project owners who share the ambition to mitigate climate change and enable net-zero strategies. We provide the best way to promote projects, facilitate transactions and manage credit inventories.
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Access the global demand.
Without compromise.

  • 01

    Global demand.
    Easily accessible and interactive.

    Offer verified carbon credits globally. Get direct purchase requests from buyers.
  • 02

    Seamless transactions.
    Safe and transparent.

    Minimize operational effort throughout the entire transaction process. Benefit from 2-sided KYC.
  • 03

    Optimized pricing.
    For your benefit.

    Maximize your revenue by selling directly and at full price. Avoid arbitrage.
  • 04

    Think about your future.
    Sell pipeline credits today.

    Plan your future sales and close long-term offtake agreements.
  • 05

    Manage your inventory.
    To build more.

    Maintain the current and plan your future inventory. Have full visibility across deals.
  • 06

    Showcase your projects.
    Communicating quality.

    Engage with the carbon space and learn from peers. Stay ahead of the curve and benefit from our communication.

Take control of your transactions.
With the right tool in hand.

Manage credit inventories

Having complete visibility over credit inventories is fundamental to staying on top of portfolio planning and credit sales. We enable our partners to have harmonized credit data across multiple platform within a single source of truth.

  • Create and publish listings for certified projects in no time
  • Manage credit stock across projects and teams
  • Control available volume and prices for spot and future deals
Manage credit inventoriesManage credit inventories

Own the story

Our platform allows to maintain full control over projects. Leverage a flexible solution to showcase all the unique project aspects and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Make the projects accessible to buyers globally
  • Communicate the story behind the project
  • Update buyers on project quality and stay engaged
Own the storyOwn the story

Increase operational efficiency

Efficiently manage all the transactions with buyers on one platform. Leverage automated invoicing, multiple transaction methods, and live insights on the transaction's status.

  • Manage orders & payments
  • Track transaction and credits delivery timelines
  • Manage documentation and payments
Increase operations efficiencyIncrease operations efficiency

Data is our DNA.
Quality is yours.

We focus on providing high-quality carbon credits as a fundamental contribution to a net-zero future. We analyze data to allow insights into every credit's inherent quality by applying renowned universal indicators and adding a CEEZER assessment on top.

We work with project proponents to increase significance and relevance of quality data. Project partners benefit from clear positioning of quality and unique quality and price benchmark insights.

Get your share of the market and attract the world's leading buyers striving for transparent transactions and impactful carbon credits.

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CEEZER ecosystem for project developers

Driving progress through insights. For a new carbon market.

Let's talk about your way to unlock climate action.

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