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Platform update: Optimize procurement, set up B2B/B2C use cases, and export portfolio data for ESG


We’re excited to share exciting platform updates, that have been released over the last months, spanning from fractional carbon credit applications to specialized data exports tailored for regulation compliance. Let’s dive straight into the details.

Compensate on kilogram level—ready for any use case

Full-ton carbon credits retirement isn’t suitable for many compensation use cases. That is true especially when enterprises enable their customers to compensate for the footprint of individual products or services such as engines, car rides, etc.

With fractional allocations now being available on our platform for sub-portfolios, we enable use cases like that, all within an existing credit portfolio. Customizable allocation pages are automatically created to keep customers informed on their compensation, down to the retirement certificates in the original registries.

Activate allocations for any sub-portfolio and start a compensation use case. The system automatically creates allocation pages to keep customers informed.

Interested in learning how enterprises are already using the allocation feature? Schedule a demo with our product experts.

Buy now, retire later

There are many good reasons to buy credits now, even if there is no immediate need to retire them. The best option to achieve stable multi-year portfolios usually are long-term offtakes with delivery and price certainty. We have been the first in the market to offer that and we're witnessing a growing number of customers embracing this option.

Another option for shorter timeframes and smaller portfolios is our new retirement on demand delivery mode. Secure credits now, and request retirements once needed. Requests can be filed directly on the transaction view, and an overview of past retirements and remaining volumes ensures plannability. The data is also synced into the portfolio management tool.

Request a credit retirement right from the transaction, while keeping an eye on the available volume and past retirements.

Diverse portfolios—one supplier for procurement

When we launched CEEZER, we significantly reduced the procurement complexity of diverse credit portfolios with multiple suppliers, through our standardized transaction agreement.

But sometimes that is not enough, so we got to work and further simplified portfolio procurement down to a single creditor, greatly reducing supplier on-boarding complexity. Single creditor offers can be requested directly based on a cart or via the account manager.

Assemble a portfolio and request a single creditor offer to suit procurement requirements.

Interested in exploring long-term offtake portfolios, retirement on demand or single-creditor purchases? Schedule a demo with our portfolio experts.

Regulators ask—export and answer

We welcome increased regulatory scrutiny in the voluntary carbon market as the state of California is one of the first to push forward, introducing the AB-1305 regulation. Users of carbon credits are required to provide transparency on any credit retired within the current reporting year. An AB-1305-ready data set of the portfolio can be exported on our platform with two simple clicks. The portfolio data exports are also compatible for CSRD regulation in the EU.

Export a reporting-ready data set of credit portfolios.

Beyond carbon—the full impact story of carbon projects

Project developers can now tell the full impact story of their project, whether the impact has been independently verified as an SDG claim by a third party or not.

Based on our data- and transparency-driven approach, we had previously only allowed for verified SDG claims to be shown on the platform. Through discussions with project developers and buyers, we learned that transparency is highly appreciated but it’s also limiting by not always giving a full picture.

From now on SDG claims come in two flavors: “Self-reported” and “Verified”. This gives maximum insight, while still delivering full transparency.

Get the full SDG impact story of projects, without sacrificing accuracy/transparency.

Small improvements—new possibilities

  • Retirement certificates are now viewable on public portfolio pages and enable full transparency towards stakeholders.
  • Billing details can now be specified per order, making it easy to adopt to procurement guidelines and sub-entities setups.
  • Detailed retirement settings for registries CSI, TrinityAg, OxCarbon, and Riverse have been added.
  • Additional security measures for company accounts: Custom password length is now available, 2-factor authentication and SSO are on the roadmap.