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Why should you use carbon credits? Three must-know ideas for companies


Voluntary carbon credits are an important piece to the puzzle for companies to achieve Net Zero, by enabling the offset of interim emissions along the decarbonisation journey and removal of unavoidable or residual emissions. Our second whitepaper highlights which three things are required for companies to unlock real climate impact through their carbon credit portfolios:

  1. End-to-end transparency on transactions leading to direct transactions with suppliers
  2. A harmonized view on credit portfolio volumes and quality across credit types, technologies, and certifiers
  3. Access to relevant reporting data of their portfolio, facilitating benchmarking, forecasting and long-term impact assessment.

We need to accelerate climate action. To stay ahead in the new market area, with its tightening regulatory and investor demands, companies need to build objective “negative emissions” portfolios with the most impactful and best-verified credits, and gradually shift from avoidance to removal solutions.

Read more about it in our second whitepaper.