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White paper: Assessing carbon credit risk


The voluntary carbon market is an effective way to fund climate action and take responsibility for ongoing emissions, yet every carbon credit comes with its associated set of risks. In this dynamic landscape, carbon credit buyers need a data-driven understanding of the market to make decisions aligned with their sustainability strategy and risk appetite.

Explaining a methodology that collects more than 500 data points, our white paper “Assessing carbon credit risk—a market perspective” provides a screening framework and project profile to buyers who want to deepen their knowledge of risk drivers and exposure. Learn about:

  1. How to navigate and understand the inherent risks of the voluntary carbon market.
  2. How to assess project risk: eligibility checks, data-gathering process, carbon risk assessment, and identifying red flags.
  3. Learn the factors of key risk dimensions: political and policy risk, delivery risk, quality risk, and price risk.
  4. How to build a future-proof carbon credit purchasing strategy with risk in mind.

Download the white paper here.