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Introducing the CEEZER Carbon Coalition – Call for applications


Today, we announce the launch of the CEEZER Carbon Coalition, a pioneering initiative committed to bringing early-stage project developers closer to commercial success. Through comprehensive support and guidance, the CEEZER Carbon Coalition will empower selected start-ups in the voluntary carbon market to bridge the gap between ideation and large-scale implementation.

We invite project developers across the globe to apply before the 30th of September 2023. 

The voluntary carbon market needs this program. Here’s why:

This program is essential for three critical reasons:

  • Scarce high-quality supply: Net-zero target-compliant supply remains scarce and cannot yet meet the growing demand. Bringing high-quality carbon projects to life requires a collaborative ecosystem.
  • Developers face scaling challenges: Early-stage project developers, on the verge of market entry, encounter formidable challenges when it comes to scaling. They require access to sales channels and contracting support.
  • Buyers need access to future supply now: Corporations are actively seeking high-quality supply sources but are often hesitant to invest in emerging projects. By connecting early-stage projects to the extensive buyer network active on CEEZER, we plant to seed to facilitate the procurement of substantial volumes necessary to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Through this program, CEEZER steps in to onboard suppliers in the early stages of their journey, presenting their projects to an international buyer base and preparing commercialization essential for scaling. 

What's in store for those joining the CEEZER Carbon Coalition.

Early-stage project developers encounter a multitude of challenges in their journey. Collaboration and innovative solutions are key, and CEEZER is here to offer comprehensive support through our innovative platform, while also sharing best practices, knowledge, and fresh perspectives.

As part of the Carbon Coalition, project developers will benefit from:

  • Insights into buyer preferences: Understand what buyers are seeking in carbon projects, allowing you to tailor your offerings more effectively.
  • Expert support from carbon market specialists: Access our network of carbon market experts who will provide guidance and support throughout the commercialization process.
  • Registration, standards, and methodology assistance: We'll demystify the registration process and help you meet industry standards and methodologies.
  • Crafting your unique story: Effectively position your project and develop compelling narratives to foster its growth.
  • Buyer exposure: When you meet the quality criteria, showcase your project as "coming soon" on the marketplace and reach CEEZER's global buyer base.

Become part of the CEEZER Carbon Coalition. Start commercializing now. 

If you are an early-stage project developer nearing market entry, we want to hear from you. We’re seeking innovators in the fields of both carbon removal and avoidance.

Apply here

The first application round closes on September 30, 2023. We anticipate announcing the final results by mid-October, marking the commencement of the program with a select group of project developers. Be prepared for a second round of applications next year.

For more information, reach out to