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CZR at Stockholm Impact week


In September, I participated at Stockholm Impact Week and had the chance to share more of what we do on stage at the Norrsken House. What a few days!

We partnered with Norrsken VC as one of the most prominent investors in the impact space earlier this year in an investment round led by Carbon Removal Partners. So, although it was my first time at Norrsken House, it really felt like coming (to a new) home. The conversations with other great sustainability and climate founders behind and around the stage were probably as exciting as the main program! Not to speak of the great events later in the evening.

If you are interested, you can watch the pitch below. I highly recommend checking out videos of all the other portfolio companies as well. Really inspiring stuff! 💚🚀

Thanks again for having us, Norrsken VC! Super excited to partner with you!