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Announcing the inaugural CEEZER Carbon Coalition cohort


Following the closure of the first application window in September, the CEEZER Carbon Coalition proudly introduces its inaugural cohort. After meticulous evaluation of the impressive applications, we have selected seven startups that exhibit the potential and technological readiness to create a significant impact.

“Our team faced a challenging task in choosing the final candidates for this round of the program,” notes Carla Woydt, Chief Impact Officer at CEEZER. “We are incredibly excited about the exceptional quality of founders and startups in our first cohort.”

Meet companies that are part of the Inaugural CEEZER Carbon Coalition cohort

Below are seven start-ups that are part of the inaugural cohort:

  • Blusink is a novel marine carbon removal and seafloor restoration method that relies on a patented biomaterial to harness the power of coralline algal growth. The method ensures biodiversity generation and near-permanent (geological-scale) carbon storage, verified with quantifiable and reliable measurements.
  • Carbonsate captures the CO2 the way nature designed it – through photosynthesis and biomass storage. It turns waste wood into CDR credits that enable companies to reach their net-zero targets in time.
  • Green Sequest removes CO2 from the air using enhanced rock weathering. Antigorite serpentinite –the rock used in the process– is characterized by its great ability to capture and permanently store CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • InPlanet develops enhanced rock weathering projects in the tropics. They source residuals from aggregate industries and supply this to farmers, thereby stimulating the use of locally sourced rock powder as a natural fertilizer to drive sustainable agricultural production.
  • Reverse Carbon develops and sells biochar credits associated with triple impact: Removal of CO2, mitigation of methane emissions, and natural habitat restoration in developing countries. Biochar is sequestered in deep biochar repositories to enable fast scaling and maximize storage durability.
  • Terra Preta generates carbon removal and improves farmers’ margins by enabling decentralized biochar production in the Global South. They partner with coffee and cacao suppliers and equip them with their small-scale reactors and digital control systems to serve their network of small farms.
  • Ucaneo develops a pioneering direct air capture technology mimicking the human lung to remove CO2 from the air.

The need for support in commercialization is clear

The CEEZER Carbon Coalition is a pioneering initiative committed to bringing early-stage project developers closer to commercial success. Through comprehensive support and guidance, the program will empower selected start-ups in the voluntary carbon market to bridge the gap between ideation and large-scale implementation.

Magnus Drewelies, Chief Executive Officer at CEEZER, emphasizes the urgent need for supporting early-stage project developers in the market: “Bridging the funding gap for carbon removal cannot only be the role of VCs and banks. With the Carbon Coalition, CEEZER steps in to do its part by de-risking early removal offtake for both sides of the market, supporting promising removal players on their way to tangible commercial traction from large international buyers.”

This sentiment finds resonance in the applications we received. Among the submitted applications, project developers seek the following from the program:

  • 88% are focused on increasing buyer awareness.
  • 64% are seeking to understand buyer needs.
  • 41% aim to learn about contracting.
  • 40% are interested in understanding carbon credit pricing.
  • 24% want a comprehensive market overview.

Concluding thoughts

The caliber and diversity of the submissions were impressive, showcasing the innovative spirit that drives the voluntary carbon market forward. This overwhelming response during this first round reinforces our belief in the urgent necessity of our program within the industry.

We’re always on the lookout for the next exciting project developer, both established developers for our platform or young start-ups with a great idea for the CEEZER Carbon Coalition.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that the second application window is set to open in early 2024. To learn more about our program, and to signal your interest in nominating your startup for future cohorts, visit the program page here.